Belle Rentrée 2021!

It’s that time of year again, going back to work or school after Summer holidays.

Over Summer, eight podcast episodes were recorded at Mediterranean Sustainability Partners (@MedSustPartners). Thank you for tuning in from 38 countries and on 4 continents. Merci de votre fidélité!

As we prepare for our seminar “Vision Méditerranée 2022” on September 27-29, herewith the last five episodes (in both French and English) of the podcasts for your enjoyment , which you will find tie nicely in to the themes of our 3-day seminar.

A big thank you/Merci! to the following experts interviewed in July and August :

Episode 16, featuring Dr. Abbes Sebihi & Léonie Schoelen, Ph.D (ENG)

Episode 17, featuring Me Cécile Théard-Jallu (FR)

Episode 18, featuring Dr. Gabriel Detout (ENG)

Episode 19, featuring Dr. Visne Korkmaz (ENG)

Episode 20, featuring Dr. Slimane Ed-Dafali (FR)

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