Première édition du Trocadéro Forum Notes

Dear Friends, Chers Amis,

Following our seminar in Paris, September 27-28, I am very pleased to publish the first edition of “Trocadéro Forum Notes”, n° 1, 2021.

Suite à notre séminaire à Paris les 27 et 28 septembre, j’ai le plaisir de publier la première édition de notre publication “Trocadéro Forum Notes”, n°1, 2021.

Thank you to all our contributors, speakers, experts who not only joined us in Paris, but who also have sent in more than 20 recommendations that you will find on the last pages of this publication.

Grand merci à tous nos contributeurs, intervenants, experts qui sont venus à Paris, mais qui ont aussi envoyé leurs recommendations, une vingtaine au total, que vous trouverez sur les dernières pages de cette publication.

I would like to take this opportunity to make a call for action on the 76th anniversary of United Nations Day, October 24, 2021, a day particularly special to me and close to my heart.

As we will soon celebrate the United Nations Day 2021, whose theme is “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world”, I would like to invite World leaders to join me in embracing Sustainable Diplomacy and Leadership in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  

Coming out of the COVID pandemic, and having had time to reflect on the importance of peace, security, health and sustainability during this time, I decided to found an organization with a group of trusted friends in March 2021, the Trocadéro Forum : a Center for Sustainable Diplomacy & Leadership in Paris ( ).  

On September 27-28 we convened a group of friends and colleagues  in Paris, France and thus held our first seminar on the geopolitical challenges and geoeconomic threats in the Mediterranean Sea bassin.  

Dear World Leaders, please join me and together let’s put Sustainability at the heart of diplomacy and leadership.  

I would like to extend a special invitation to all women leaders to join us.” 

Ellen Wasylina, Founder, Trocadéro Forum

Paris, October 18, 2021

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