Season 2 of the podcast

Happy New Year!

In 2021, Ellen Wasylina decided to launch a podcast as the pandemic continued to wreak havoc around the globe. The Mediterranean Sustainability Partners podcast was started in February 2021, following a series of successful video conferences.

Over the year, she hosted and produced 26 podcast episodes, inviting renowned experts in English and French to weigh in on important geoeconomic and geopolitical issues affecting the Mediterranean Sea bassin. Thanks to the quality of her guests and the pertinence of the topics selected and discussed, the audience grew from zero to 51 countries and to 5 continents in just one year!

Here is the link to enjoy the replay of these 26 episodes, while Season 2 is in preparation. The trailer has just been published :

The podcast is available on a dozen podcast platforms, such as Spotify, Apple, Listennotes, Podbay, Anghami, Pocketcasts, Chartoo, etc.

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