Season 2 has begun!

Ellen Wasylina is pleased to announce the launch of Season 2 of her podcast , Mediterranean Sustainabilty Partners, heard in 54 countries and 5 continents, in English and French.

Launched last Feburary 2021 during the pandemic, Ellen was pleased and privileged to host and produce 26 episodes with a stellar group of renowned experts on a variety of critical and strategic subjects.

And Season 2 will be no different : our first episode will be published on Monday, May 2, featuring an interview with Serge Stroobants, Director, Europe & MENA, at the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP), who is based in Brussels.

In the next episodes, already queued up next week, will feature Jean-Claude Fontanive and Mouloud Bakli. Watch for the trailers coming out in the coming days.

And stay tuned for the next 10 episodes in the making, with my guests in around the Mediterranean Sea bassin, from Tunis to Beirut, to Algiers to Paris, and over to the East Coast.

Thank you for tuning into Mediterranean Sustainability Partners on Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcasts and a dozen other platforms, and making our podcast a resounding success in 54 countries and 5 continents !

Here is the link :

Trailer, Season 2, Episode 1

Here is the Twitter account :

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