Stay tuned to Summer

As producer and host of a podcast, « Mediterranean Sustainability Partners » , Ellen Wasylina has launched Season 2 of her podcast, after a successful Season 1, with 26 episodes in 2021.

The podcast is now heard in 57 countries, on 5 continents, in English and French. Thank you for tuning in!

Here is a list of the episodes published and those programmed for this Summer, now available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible, Anghami and many more. On Twitter, the account of Sciences Po Bibliothèque has listed the podcast as one to follow. Merci !

Episode 1 : Serge Stroobants,  « Climat, guerre et sécurité »

Episode 2 : Jean-Claude Fontanive,  « Le Dialogue citoyen »

Episode 3 : Fahda Barrak,  « Comment livrer les premières et les dernières impressions : les challenge d’une architecture durable

Episode 4 : Mathilde Liaud, The power of language

Episode 5 : Ambassador Shota Gvineria,  « Hybrid war in contemporary security »

Episode 6 : Ambassador Oleh Shamshur,  « Ukraine at war : perspectives and stakes »

Episode 7 : Julian Popov,  « The Changing Landscape of Energy Security »

Episode 8 : Leila Abbassi,  « Un pacte mondial et local contre le changement climatique »

Episode 9 : Nursin Güney,  « NATO Summit Debrief »

Episode 10 : Chiheb M’Nasser, « La FIF : un fondation culturelle de l’Islam »

Episode 11 : Ambassador Omar Samad,  «Afghanistan : Lessons and Way forward »

Episode 12 : Ambassador Katalin Bogyay,  «Women 4 Diplomacy »

Here is the link to the most recent episode of the podcast :

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