Founding Member Ellen Wasylina

Ellen Wasylina

Ellen Wasylina is a founding member of the Trocadero Forum, a respected European Affairs professional, speaker, author, educator, mentor.

Languages : English, French German, Italian

A seasoned International Affairs professional

Ellen Wasylina is a European Affairs Executive in Strategy, Leadership and Sustainable Governance

She is a respected European Affairs professional with extensive experience leading operations, projects and staff in public, private and non-profit organisations in France and Europe. 

Having spent her career in France, she is a former director of Environment of a French city, former President of a Paris-based think tank, International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory (IGMO), former Editor in Chief of their flagship publication, Geostrategic Maritime Review, former Senior Expert to EUROPEAID, former adjunct professor in several Parisian business schools.

Coming back from a short stay in Washington, D.C., where she worked as a consultant in Sustainability, and went on to found her own boutique consulting firm, Transatlantic Global Advisory (TAGA), where she designed and delivered corporate trainings to the George Washington University’s Center of Excellence in Public Leadership (CEPL), as well as to many large companies. She was a member of the French-American chamber of Commerce, where she founded the first Green Economy committee, a member of the Women’s Foreign Policy Group, where is has been a mentor since 2015.

Currently, she is a strategic advisor to the President of Club Italie-France, a board member of Opera for Peace and a Senior expert to Duco Experts.

She is the author a several books, essays and contributions (see our Library section), has been on the international speaking circuit since 2013 and has given commentary and analysis on French and international media outlets since 2008, in English and French.

She recently started two new podcasts on Anchor (see our Podcast section) on Transatlantic discussions with Professor Pancracio and another centering around the Mediterranean bassin.

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