Founding Member Jean-Paul Pancracio

Jean-Paul PANCRACIO is founding partner of the Trocadero Forum. He is professor emeritus in International law and French administrative Law and author of many publications, notably of the Dictionnaire de la Diplomatie.

Languages : French, English, Italian

A renowned scholar in International Law and Diplomacy.

Professor Jean-Paul Pancracio is a renowned scholar in International Law and Diplomacy, Law of the Sea and Seaside (international law/ Administrative law), Diplomatic law, Protocol and ceremonial, Diplomatic Institutions, Diplomatic History.

Currently, he is Editor and author of Blog « Observatoire de la Diplomatie » (today : 107 articles); in charge of the « Naval & Maritime Matters » Section of the French Yearbook of international Relations (with professor Niki Aloupi, University of Paris II); Member of the Society of Diplomatic History (France); Civil Reserve of French Air Force (as Colonel) : Group of Advisers of the Air Force Chief-of-Staff.

Previously, he provided consultancy to the French Prime minister services and French minister of Defence; the Prime minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron, by UK Embassy in Paris (August 2011, humanitarian and military multilateral interventions and Parliament); the Republic of Columbia (law of the sea); the Republic of Argentina (law of the sea); Republic of Togo (diplomacy).

Former visiting Scholar at : University of Paris II (Master 1 and 2 in International relations : International Spaces Seminar) and National School of Administration (Ecole Nationale d’Administration-Ena).

Professor at the University of Poitiers (2008-2014) and advisor of Chief education Officer of Academy of Paris – Recteur de l’Académie de Paris – for Higher Education (2010-2012).

Senior Researcher of the Strategic Studies Institute, French Military Academy (Paris) (2008-2012): Law of Security and Defense.

Professor at the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr (September 2003-August 2006). Director of the Pluridisciplinary Center of Studies.

For a complete bio, please contact Professor Pancracio by mail.

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