This space is dedicated to the publications of our Experts.

Our Team members are well-known the world over and have published extensively. For each expert, you will find a list of the publication under each team member’s page.

Jean-Paul Pancracio

Professor Pancracio has published many books in French, that can be found in 614 libraries across the globe :

Une histoire des États-Unis. Aux sources de la puissance (1620-1920), Paris, Levad éditions, déc. 2020, 335 p.

L’immunité dans la relation internationale, Paris, Levad éditions, 2020, 115 p. 

Dictionnaire de la diplomatie, Paris, Levad éditions, 4e ed, juillet 2020, 748 p.

Here are the links to Levad Editions, his publishing company and his blog, “Observatoire de la Diplomatie, where you will find his blogs.

Levad Editions :

Observatoire de la Diplomatie :

Ellen Wasylina

Ellen Wasylina has published books, essays and contributions in both English and French, where you can find them in 152 libraries, 17 countries and on 4 continents.

Here are the links to her publications on Amazon, Harmattan and Apple Books :

Amazon :

Harmattan :

Apple Books :

Word Cat. org : , where you can find her books in 17 countries, in 152 libraries and on 4 continents.

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