Dr. Karen Michels, Director of Beaux-Arts

Dr.Pr. Karen MICHELS

Dr. Karen Michels is the CEO of a boutique consultancy firm, Agentur für Kunstverstand, in Hamburg, Germany, and a world renowned art historian.

Renowned Art and Architecture Historian

Dr. Karen Michels is a world renowned art historian, speaker, lecturer, researcher and CEO of a boutique cultural consultancy firm, Agentur für Kunstverstand in Hamburg, Germany. She has published more than 600 publications, articles, books, music CDs and videos.

Karen has a long career in Art History and Architecture. She did her university studies in Bonn and Hamburg and did her doctoral dissertation in 1987 on Le Corbusier; she obtained a scholarship to study at the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in München, was later scientific coordinator for a Art History seminar at Hamburg University, and was later entrusted with the makeover/renovation/restoration and director/curator of the Warburg Haus. She conducted years of research studies in both Paris and the United States. In 1997 she obtained her professorship/Habilitation, and taught courses from 1998-2002 at Jena, Halle und Berlin (HU) Universities . In 2000, she founded the „Agentur für KunstVerstand“ in Hamburg, Germany.

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