Executive Seminars

The Trocadéro Forum offers Executive seminars based on your needs. Here are a few examples of seminars that are available in Paris, France, in person or online.

Languages : Arabic, English, French, German, Italian

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We offer seminars as well as bespoke seminars, sur mesure, in English and French.

Arctic Diplomacy

This seminar will concentrate on the very strategic Arctic region and the littoral countries, as well as the observers or associate members of the Arctic Council. Is this organisation an example to follow? What are the stakes for national security, transportation, natural resources, indigenous peoples in view of an accelerating climate change, very visible from space or up close.

Circular Culture

Culture brings us together and enriches us, bridges any existing divide and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. We are particularly pleased to feature Julia Lagahuzère in a new seminar now available exclusively on line, in English and French.

Currently available is Module 1 : Renewal, Renovation, Circularity & Nature

Digital Diplomacy

What started out in 2001 as Diplomacy using ICT technology has fully bloomed, with the advent of social media, into a full-blown effort of a country to influence foreign audiences. On the Digital Diplomacy Influence (DDI) list, a country’s global online influence, here are the top 5 countries : India, United States, France, United Kingdom and Mexico.

CSR/ESG Investment

We are now pleased to offer a seminar in CSR/ESG Investment : increasing value and mitigating risk.

Here is a brief recap of the seminar :

Maritime Diplomacy

Maritime Diplomacy is no longer limited to national navies, but is integrated into a national multi-prong foreign policy, involving private and public and non-state actors, hard and soft power, taking on more importance as China and India emerge.

We can advise you and create seminars based on your needs, in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian or Turkish. Other languages available on request.

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