Trocadéro Forum Institute

Ellen Wasylina

Founder of the Trocadero Forum Institute, she is previously the founder of the Trocadero Forum, a new forum founded around Sustainable Development, Diplomacy & Leadership and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ellen speaks English, French, German and Italian.

Welcome to the Institute of Sustainable Leadership & Diplomacy

The COVID pandemic has taught us the importance of continuing our work and of resiliency. And the Trocadéro Forum Institute was born in this challenging time, and only possible, thanks to supportive, dedicated and invested friends and colleagues. And we have embraced the challenges of WFH (working from home) and are founding our institute on line and available to all : no barriers, no travel and no visas needed!
In our first year, our 2-year Masters program will be initially available online in English, French, German and Turkish.

Inscriptions will soon be open for the Fall Semester.

Stay tuned!

Our Progams

Master 1

Sustainable Leadership & Diplomacy

Master 2

Sustainable Leadership & Diplomacy

The Founding Partners

Founder of the Trocadéro Forum, she was the president and founder of International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory (IGMO), senior expert to EUROPEAID, former director of Environment of a French city, adjunct professor, speaker, media commentator and author of several publications and books in both English and French.

Co-founder of the Trocadéro Forum, he is professeur émérite, author of «Le Dictionnaire de la Diplomatie», professeur of Law, author of numerous publications.

François MABILLE
Secretary General of the Catholic University Federation, former dean of the Institut Catholique de Paris, he teaches courses in prospective.

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