Trocadéro Forum Notes

Welcome to our flagship publication, Trocadéro Forum Notes

We are pleased to announce the creation of the flagship publication of the Trocadéro Forum, the Trocadéro Forum Notes.

The first issue will be published in October following our seminar in Paris, September 27-28, 2021, entitled

“Vision Méditerranée 2022 : enjeux géopolitique et défis géoéconomiques”.

N° 1, Octobre 2021

This is our first issue of Trocadéro From Notes, published following our first seminar entitled , “Vision Méditerranée 2022 : enjeux géopolitiques et défis géoéconomiques.”

N° 2, Janvier 2022

Our second issue follows our first “Sustainable Leadership and Diplomacy Day,” December 9, 2021, entirely on line due to global pandemic conditions.

N° 3

Coming soon

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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