Circular Culture seminars

We are pleased to announce that our Director of Performing Arts, Julia LAGAHUZERE, will be organizing seminars in Circular Culture starting in September . These seminars will be in partnership with Opera for Peace and Circular Culture. Here below is information on the seminar and the options for signing up.


At the start of the UN International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, 2021, this initiative specifically based around the Circular Economy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, stands out by its audacity.

Circular Culture is an innovative project linking the performing arts and circular economy values, promoting climate protection and a better future for humanity through creative communication and shared goals. It is inspired by the Renaissance, where art, philosophy and science came together to advance civilization and a new way of seeing the world. This inspiration is pushed further here, for today’s world, with a strong societal engagement structured around the UN Sustainable Development Goals for a better future. Meaningful innovative technology is also an essential part of the mission. We collaborate with corporate partners, professionals and artists who want to think differently and make an impact.


Renewal, Renovation, Circularity & Nature: Classical music and opera is made up of a large but structured catalogue that continually gets reinvented in different ways by the artists that interpret and communicate its message. Let’s call it renewable energy! Music can therefore inspire cyclic thought processes and bypass consciousness to penetrate inspiration and innovation through creativity.

Where: online via Zoom 

Date/Time: September 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 2021 @10 am EDT/16h CET (one daily session, choose your date)

Language : English; French and Italian available on request   

To book: click below on your preferred date

Listen to Julia being interviewed by Ellen Wasylina on her podcast, Mediterranean Sustainability Partners on February 10, 2021 : “How Circular Culture will change the world“.

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